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  • photographyprison:

    As a child, Maija Tammi wanted to be a pathologist. She doesn’t remember that childhood dream, but her family does. And though she grew up to be an artist, that early fascination with the body informed and shaped her latest project.

    Leftover/Removals is a collection of stark, clinical images that reflect on the body, disease, and medical procedures. The work is raw and confrontational.

    “We seem to be scared of things that remind us of the fact that we are going to rot and die,” says Tammi. “Even when we know about all the disgusting things inside the human body—blood, snot, intestines—we can still find the sack [the body] that contains it all, beautiful!”

    The book, Leftover/Removals, features two distinct but complimentary arcs. Leftover is a series of brightly-lit portraits of a model wearing discarded radiotherapy masks. Removals is a series of dramatic and dark still life images of tissue in stainless steel trays.

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  • 19thcenturyboyfriend:

    N. Wentzell (1879), Ilya Repin

  • tierradentro:

    Jupiter, Mercury and Virtue" (detail), 1524, Dosso Dossi. (Another detail here)

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  • laurabfernandez:

    The sweetest creep.

    Puppet from the Quay brothers film “Are we still married?”

    Seen here.


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  • 19thcenturyboyfriend:

    Jean Mounet-Sully, Louis-Edouad Fournier

  • 19thcenturyboyfriend:

    Detail: Petit Concert, Pascal Dagnan-Bouveret 

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  • inneroptics:

    Isamu Noguchi, creator of the Serpent and Spider Dress and Sculpture for Martha Graham’s Cave of the Heart (1946)

  • ithankthevirgin:

    Thank you, Virgin, because the spaceship didn’t abduct the children and only illuminated them with light beams.

    Rosendo Lopez, 1971

  • sassyscans:

    Here it is! You CLAMORED for it and you got it, courtesy of Sassy fan Remyrogue - the Twin Peaks fashion spread from the October 1990 issue of Sassy Magazine.

    PLEASE do not remove the Flickr attribution or re-upload this photo set. Remy LeBeau worked very hard to track down this magazine and share these images with us! I know there is very little I can do to stop you from doing these things but heed my words - stealing is not the Sassy Magazine way.